Live Streaming

Live TV


There are many technologies to choose from when it comes to live content. karwan.TV has already built-in all the industry standards when it comes to ingesting RTMP live content regardless of the origin.

Major web browsers are now slowly moving away from supporting RTMP players due to security concerns. karwan.TV can provide you with servers to convert your RTMP streams into other acceptable formats such as HLS and DASH.


If you are already broadcasting live content via a satellite, karwan.TV can automatically pull the satellite stream, transcode it and deliver it to your platforms.

Live Streaming

Our karwan.TV platform has all the necessary technical equipment to provide you with servers to broadcast immediately from any camera or playlist to your karwan.TV platform.

Live Storage

karwan.TV can record all your live streams and store them on a specialized server. This will allow users to go back or replay content in real time.

Social Media

In addition to live streaming, karwan.TV can generate unique URLs you can share with your social media accounts to broadcast them there as well (e.g. Facebook Live).

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